Hurry up, cat & mouse game you love is back with the latest version Cat Trap Run 2D Adventure. Lead the cat and chase the mouses and capture them in this blast adventure one by one. Play the best game ever! Dash forward as fast as you can, overcome with dodge obstacles and collect coins. This amazing mouse trap game comprises of ten different levels. Each level has different environment where mouse has to make a super jump on the things placed on his way to escape from the cat. Further difficulty is added by various hurdles including cutters, mouse trap and jaw cranes. Cat Trap Run can be downloaded for free, you will be able to play all the levels with no additional payment required. Play funny adventurous game and help the cat to capture the mouse. This is a mind blowing cat and mouse game.


– 64 Bit Compliant
-Ready to run on Unity 2018.4.12
-Built on latest version and downward compatible
-This source is available exclusively on Sellmyapp
-Live App is available for review
-Ready to publish for Android and iOS.
-Admob and Unity Ads are in place.
-Simple to re skin and launch
-Niche targeted viral source
-Could be used for further development.


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Unity 3D 2017.x, Unity 3D 2018.x

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Trap Cat – Cat Run Trap – 64-Bit Premium
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Last Update: August 27, 2022
Relased: August 27, 2022
software-version Unity 3D 2017.x Unity 3D 2018.x
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