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➤ Ready for PUBLISH! 
➤ Don’t need the programming skills!
➤ Easy for Reskin
➤ Easy for customization
➤ Create EASY – EARN Quickly!
➤ Complete Match 3 Kit
➤ Supports both Android and IOS


Tile Crush Candy Adventure is a complete project Kit in the genre of classic match-3 games, with many Goals , Collectables and obstaclesSuper customizable and easy to use and Reskin.

Complete Kit of the Candy Match 3 Style Game, with Beautiful map and 200 tested unique levels. Use it like a complete game or add more levels and your own UNIQUE game design. built on proven Unity 3D technology.

This Code will help you to make you own Candy Crush, Sweet Sugar, Bubble Match types of games.

➤ Concentrate only on the Game Design. You don’t need programming skills!
➤ You don’t need to hire a programmer to insert advertising network or Implementing IAP , Analytics or Localize your In-Game Language. We already did it for you! 

This is a fully completed project. All you have to do just make a reskin and launch your own versions to the app stores. 

We work a lot on the project, so you can get a quality product. Which allows you to earn good money Both from Ad Monetization and In-App Purchasing.

Product is constantly developing. You can be sure about the quality of the product and quick support.

Please, if you have questions or wishes, write us a comment below!

We will support you as soon as possible!


What’s In the Box?

➤ Ready to Release with Beautiful Graphics!
➤ Optimized for Mobile
➤ Full Complete Project + Daily Rewards
➤ No need programmer skills!
➤ Easy to Reskin – Just Change Images and Sound Files And you are good to Go!
➤ Create EASY – EARN quickly!

☆ Gameplay 

➤ #Top No 1 Grossing Game
➤ 200 Unique well-made tested levels
➤ Daily Reward system (Anti-Cheat Integrated)
➤ In-Game Items


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Unity 3D 2021.x

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Tile Crush Candy Adventure – Complete Candy Matching Kit
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Last Update: May 2, 2023
Relased: May 2, 2023
software-version Unity 3D 2021.x