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Somewhere in the earth there are three heroes who fight for the safety of earth. Many forces try to take control of the earth but they always fail. They are talented pilot from many country, with high tech aircraft, they can push any enemy back.

How to play:

– Drag the air craft to move

– Destroy enemy air craft to get bonus items

– Collect stars to upgrade air craft.

– Click on special item to active it


– 20 designed level with different boss for each level

– More than 20 types of enemy air craft

– Three play able characters

– Upgrade able player air craft with different look for each upgrade.

– Excellent game effect

Demo APK:

Live Demo:



– Admob intergrated
– Support Unity 2017
– Easy to re-skin and rebuild with detailed document you just need to change Admob ID and the game is ready to build

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Unity 3D 2017.x

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Super Wings
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Last Update: August 31, 2022
Relased: August 31, 2022
software-version Unity 3D 2017.x
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