New Top Trending unity game template (Streamer Runner Rush 3D) from GOOD IDEA GAMES!
In this streamer live runner game, you have to make the choices to create the right content and filters every day to get millions of followers daily and become a famous influencer to earn money in each level of this live streaming game.

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  • Streamer live runner streaming race challenge
  • Make choices to create the right content
  • Use the right filters to get more followers
  • Become a famous influencer
  • Duet with famous streamers
  • Collect right items
  • Fun and relaxing game

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Unity 3D 2019.x

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Streamer Runner Rush 3D – New Top Trending Game
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Last Update: August 4, 2022
Relased: August 4, 2022
software-version Unity 3D 2019.x
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