Relaxing music is ideal for fatigue, stress, insomnia and sore nerves. It works great when you study, sleep, meditate, read, yoga and stay in the spa. It also works for children and babies. Listening to relaxing melodies reduces stress, improves concentration and relieves tinnitus.

Create your own sound compositions, add and mix relaxation music with the sounds of nature such as birds singing, cicadas’ sounds, sounds of rain, wind noise, night sounds and many more.


– This Unity project only works for Android.
– You won’t hear the music in Unity Editor, only in Android devices.
– The template works best with the version used by our developers (Unity 2018). So if there are any issues with your newer version, please let us know. If we can’t solve them, you are required to use the same Unity version with us.


  • Built-in timer
  • High-quality sounds
  • Ability to work in the background
  • Admob is integrated (banner, interstitial).
  • Run smoothly on mobile devices

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Unity 3D 2018.x

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Sleep Sounds – Relax Melodies
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Last Update: February 24, 2023
Relased: February 24, 2023
software-version Unity 3D 2018.x