Gorilla Rampage City Attack

Wild Angry Gorilla Simulator is here! Play as wild ape in this gorilla game, Explore the wild, monkey king kong has to pick up fruit from the jungle for ape survival and eat it to max your energy bar for hunting. Your gorilla land got attacked by the clan of wild bulls. Become gorilla rampage and Kill both bulls for ape survival before they take over your area, and eat fruits from ground if your energy bar is low from animal hunting adventures. The Alligator are destroying crops in your area, Do gorilla rampage and Kill them before they are done in this ultimate gorilla rampage game.


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Unity 3D 2020.x

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Gorilla Rampage City Attack
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Last Update: October 19, 2022
Relased: October 19, 2022
software-version Unity 3D 2020.x