FPS CS War gun king , project using Unity2017


The game is produced with the unity3d engine and presented to the players in a first-person real-life perspective. Clear city streets, cool gun weapons, and powerful explosion effects all show the vastness and cruelty of the war. The battlefield is always wisdom. Test with courage. The game restores the most realistic war scenes, 360-degree panoramic experience of the baptism of the bullets, struggles with death and fear, and experiences a hearty modern war in the blood and passion.
The project using Unity Unity 2017,It’s very easy to get started, you can edit your own level design unique levels!


1. Restore the classic real battlefield – classic FPS shootout gameplay, restore the most realistic 3D battlefield, experience the fierce battle of the bullets
2. Enrich the ultimate weapon match – dozens of weapons combination to create the strongest individual
3. Original Boss hunting mode – enrich the Boss design, kill the battlefield Boss alone, turn the tide

– More than 20 different firearms –
– 40 difficult difficulty levels for 40 normal difficulty levels-
-4 kinds of difficult bosses –
-Dozens of different npc-
-Various types of gift packages-
-Mall system, firearms system, equipment system, character system, prop system, currency system


Q1: What kind of game is the “king of war”?
A: “War Gun King” is a first-person perspective shooting mobile game.
Q2: What is a diamond? What is gold?
A: Diamond is the currency of the game, used to buy items in the game, etc.; gold is another currency in the game, used to promote props.
Q3: How to get diamonds and gold?
A: Diamonds can be purchased for purchase. There are also appropriate releases for the game: continuous login, mission rewards, and more. Gold can be exchanged for diamonds. In the game, there are: Shaoguan mode rewards, bounty mode rewards, mission rewards, continuous login. wait.
Q4: What is physical strength? How to get it?
A: Participation in the Shaoguan mode and the bounty mode requires physical exertion; 100 points of physical strength can be obtained at 0 o’clock every day, and 5 points per minute can be restored to below 100 points. You can also use diamonds to buy energy.
Q5: How to play this game?
A: Enter the game battle scene, the left hand controls the range on the left side of the phone screen, aligns with the enemy soldiers, clicks the right hand to shoot, and kills; of course, you can also switch weapons, add blood, change clips, etc.
Q6: What is the mode? How many modes does the game have? What is the use?
A: The mode represents the gameplay in the game. [War Gun King] has 2 modes: level mode, endless mode
Shaoguan mode: You can get experience, gold and some equipment; challenge mode can familiarize with game operations and improve your skills; there are 5 chapters, each chapter needs to defeat the boss.
Endless mode: Unlimited mode can be used to earn points to compare with friends.
Bounty mode: You need to consume a desired order to open, you can get a lot of experience and gold, and the difficulty is increased.
Q7: How many guns are there?
A: There are 20 kinds of guns in the game.
Q8: How to upgrade the device?
A: The device upgrade needs to consume gold coins and cannot exceed the character level. Firearms upgrades can increase attack power, while combat service upgrades can increase blood volume

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Unity 3D 2017.x

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CS War gun king FPS project
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Last Update: August 30, 2022
Relased: August 30, 2022
software-version Unity 3D 2017.x
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